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The Best Rock Funk
and Jazz Music


JFR is a brand new radio station, designed to bring you an unusual mix of innovative Jazz Funk and Rock music. It will be presented by live DJs on one of the weekend days. The day might vary so please keep checking the site for updates. The station will use SHOUTcast to stream the audio in MP3 format, and this will work on most modern media players. There'll also be podcasts available if you miss the programmes. 


JFR is now more regular, with a new show every Sunday morning at 9AM. If we can't bring you a new show, we'll change the programme to one of our archived shows. Either way, if you tune in on Sunday morning you're guaranteed a change of programme.

We also now have a Facebook page, so you can interact with a live show more easily. Should be fun !

As you can see from the rest of the website, the station is now playing out 24 hours a day with pre-recorded shows. Please ignore any references to date, time, weather etc. We'll put in announcements about live shows as soon as we know when they'll be on. Myself, Sandy Merkin, Mac and the Duke will be back with new shows soon so please keep an eye on the website for details.

We've had some issues recently with pre recorded programmes playing out an hour late or in the wrong order. I'm hopeful that this won't happen again but it may mean that the individual tracks that play out before a pre recorded programme will most likely play out during the previous evening. A pre recorded programme may not start at exactly the time it's scheduled for (usually 0900) but it will start no later that 5 past.

All the best

Rick Moon