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The Best Rock Funk
and Jazz Music

JFR is now on air 24 hours a day so you can listen anytime you like ! The programmes are a mixture of shows that have already been broadcast and pre-recorded shows. The shows play out in rotation. We'll still be doing live programmes of course and we'll let you know when they're going to be on air.

Now Playing !

Turn It Up ! 
With The 2 Ricks
First Aired 8th Feb 2015

Rick Moon and his special guest, Richard Nash invite you to turn it up ! Quite simply, we're going to be playing music that'll make you reach for the volume control. If you can, connect your computer or smartphone up to the Hi-Fi for this one. You won't regret it !
And !

The Mac Show

First Aired 1st Feb 2015

The Mac invites you to join him as he delves into the rich and varied world of swing and jazz with a few tasty Blue Note gems and other classic tracks.